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Export Company

Carbon Brushes & Vanes
Lift Trucks
The field of dynamic maintenance demands range and urgency in deliveries, these are the reasons why Asein has the largest catalogue of brushes on the market, and has almost all existing brushes adaptable to lift trucks ready and in permanent stock.
Power Tools
Power tool machines have Asein as their greatest ally. Our long experience has made possible to create a complete range of brushes with the best performance for each machine on the market and bring it up to date according to changes and new requests. All brushes are in stock for immediate delivery.
Asein has a wide range of electro graphite grades suitable for each feature required by each motor. We study all characteristics of the industrial application with the aim to produce the perfect and most efficient brush. They are manufactured on demand within agreed delivery time.
Mechanical Applications
The diversity and quality of raw materials lead Asein to offer graphites mechanical applications according to needs (little porosity, hardness, heat and/or aggressive agents resistance). They are manufactured on demand according to customer requests.
Sliding Contacts
Asein sliding contacts only undergo moderate wear due to the material composition which is made according to their functionality. They are manufactured on demand.

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