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Fire extinguishers - Fire stryker
Because Fire Stryker is intended for use in a variety of industries and locations, there are three different models, all of which are designed for specific fire suppression purposes.

Shaded Pole Motor

Household Fire stryker (Model 5B)

The smallest and most compact FireStryker fire suppression device is ideal for home use, especially in rooms where electricity and heat are often present such as kitchens and living rooms. This fire protection unit weights 230 grams, measures 25.4cm by 3.3cm and has an emission time of approximately 25 seconds.



Professional Fire Stryker (Model 8B)
Similar in size to the household unit but weighs slightly more, the professional fire safety device is ideal for use in vehicles and outdoors. This option is ideal for businesses that want to ensure the fire safety of travelling employees or those who are frequently expected to work outdoors.
The unit is 25.9cm in length with a diameter of 3.3cm, and has an emission time of approximately 50 seconds. Weighing only 275g, this fire suppression device is easily transportable and can conveniently be stowed in vehicles. The Model 8BE fire safety unit is suitable for marine use on Jet Skis weighing less than 100 gross tons. A waterproof housing is available for this purpose. A belt pouch is available as an accessory for applications where it needs to be carried by a person.

Industrial Fire Stryker (Model 13B)
As its name suggests, the FireStryker Industrial unit is intended for heavy duty use, such as that experienced in trucks and warehouses. In order to handle extreme blazes, the industrial Model 13B is the largest of the three available fire suppression products: 32.8cm in length and 3.3cm in diameter. However, with a weight of only 550g, the unit is still convenient to transport.
Suitable for marine use, the Model 13BE is ideal for Boats weighing less than 100 gross tons. Furthermore, when activated, this device has an emission time of approximately 100 seconds. This industrial-strength FireStryker product can be ordered with accessories such as a belt pouch and waterproof housing.

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